Vortex API

Great L4/L7/OVH/NFO bypasses!


Intuitive design

Our IP stresser is incredibly efficient and user friendly.


We use cryptocurrency as our payment gateway to maintain users' privacy.


We ensure a 99% uptime so you can stress any time you want.


We care about your privacy and are constantly improving our security.


All attacks are either proxied or spoofed using IPHM technology.

Dedicated power

Every test is backed by our dedicated servers to ensure consistent power.


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Active and Helpful Support

We provide customer support 24/7 by ticket and live support if you have any issue with the IP stresser service.

Many methods

With over 30 methods and a strong network of servers, our stresser is a wonderful choice overall.

Powerful IP Stressing

Take down your targets with ease, no weak floods, always constant power.

API Service

Ever wanted to run your own IP stresser? Utilize our API to provide your customers with powerful floods.

About Us

We are an API offering stress testing services that can be used to test your infrastructure with both Layer 4 and Layer 7 methods.

What does Layer 4 and Layer 7 mean ?

Layer 4 is geared towards servers, games, etc. We offer a very strong suite for testing your Layer 4 infrastructure including: OVH bypasses, NFO bypasses, AMP methods, and much more. Layer 7 is geared towards websites. We offer many strong Layer 7 methods that work to effectively test your Layer 7 protection.

Why use this website and not another webstresser ?

We have a dedicated development team who are focused on providing both great power and great bypasses for a reasonable price.

Why would you test your network(website, server, etc.)?

- DDoS attacks are very common during this time.

- Many hackers or competitors will try to take down your service using a stresser.

- This will result in downtime and makes it inaccessible to your customers!

With our website we provide these kinds of attacks to be sure you can handle them when they actually accure!


$7.5 / Month

This is a perfect plan for someone who wants to test Vortex.

    60 Sec Stress time
    API Access: NO
    1 Concurrent
    VIP: NO
    1 Month

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$55 / Month

This plan is ideal for anyone who wants a little extra kick from Vortex.

    600 Sec Stress time
    API Access: YES
    3 Concurrents
    VIP: YES
    1 Month

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$190 / Month

Buy this plan if you want the best Vortex has to offer.

    3600 Sec Stress time
    API Access: YES
    7 Concurrents
    VIP: YES
    1 Month

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*All sales are final, no refund will be provided after payment.


Contact Info

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


You can reach us via email.